Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family Vacation

We’re back after a week and a half of vacation. It was a really nice trip. It was also a very long trip. We went to Hyeres, France to visit Michael’s family and then on our way back we went to Florida to visit mine. We took eight flights in ten days! This was Theo’s first time flying. For being as young as he is he did really great! People on the plane would comment on how quiet he was! I’ll do a later post on some tips that I found helpful while flying with infants. Although he traveled well on the plane, he did not handle jet lag very well. Let’s just say a jet lagged baby is NOT a happy baby. Thankfully he got over it after a day or so. We really enjoyed our trip but we are so glad to be back home and getting back to everyday life. Looking forward to the next adventure we will have!

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